james r gordon


Here you will find some of our product photography.


If you require commercial photography in Sussex, products or interiors photographed get in touch. I have done various commercial photographic jobs for a chan of Surf shops, products such as skate boards and paraphernalia, jewelry, pottery, premises such as offices.


As well as commercial photography I work with a number of Sussex and Brighton based artists photographing their stunning products. This is occassionally done on a 'trade' basis, photography for a piece of someone elses Artwork, pottery, jewelry etc, so if you are an Artist needing photography get in touch and let's see what we can do for each other.

skatewheels1 ballbearings iris10 iris11 iris3 ScottoWine2 gold leaf Jewellery macro KarlTracey3 Lucia Lucia2 soap Antique Books Printing letters