james r gordon

About Us

Hello, my name is James. You may know me as Jim, but I prefer the name my mother christened me with these days. This page is about me not 'us.'


Firsty, apologies if you are having difficulty seeing the website on an Apple product, they can only read half of the worlds websites, sadly, so trade it in for an Android. It's like trying to ride a two wheeled bicycle with one one wheel.....no doubt Steve Jobs would have sorted it out. Design that consigns half the worlds library to the dark ages is no design at all. And that is where the difference lays. The mobile Library as a social experiment was never going to be as good as a fixed entty.


I grew up in west London, an important distinction, and moved my family to Brighton, Sussex when we outgrew the family home and schools weren't what they should have been for the next generation nearly two decades ago. Having suffered the ignamony of English state Schooling, and being told I would never get to University, I studied Law at UCL. However the most brilliant Legal minds in the UK only served to steer me back to the right path of a creative career. And I am very grateful to them for their guidance. My two beautiful children live in Brighton England, where I established their home, with their mother, and I have been fortunate enough to live in Tuscany, Italy for three years, and now my beloved Andalucia, Spain. I live in the mountains, north of Tabernas Desert where the Spaghetti Westerns, Lawrence of Arabia and Star Wars were filmed, and where the only natural park in Europe exists, the beautiful Cabo de Gata which is a home stop for migrating Flamingos and cove after cover of solitary beach exists in a landscape that looks like it will get up and move.


Anyway, this is me. A slightly old fashioned but principled pedant that likes to see the world in its original design format of circular not square. I dont do square. A proud but approchable person, I am a stickler for art  and a perfectionist to a fault. I am also a very human and personable type, there is nothing more I enjoy than working with people. People are always key. Ansell Adams took great photographs of rocks and landscapes but they do not answer back and I cannot imagine what fulfilled him. There is also a very significant difference between taking and making a photograph.


If you know Photography, and you should, my influences are Cartier Bresson obviously, as any photographer is influenced by his work,   David "Chim" Seymour, killed in a prisoner exchange at Suez where my Father was stationed for nearly three years, and founding Member of Magnum, latterly Martin Parr for his humour and daring to challenge an old order, and my absolute darling is Jane Bown, Observer Newspaper Photographer, for her divine portraits of Bjork, John Betjemen and the astonishing set of images of Samual Becket the poet, six frames at the Stage Door. Jane Bown is to people photography what a duck is to water, and I try to follow her lead humbly. Some Photographers touch you without explanation or reason. My love for Bowns photography exists in the simpleness of her images, using available daylight or a simple 40 watt bulb to illuminate darkness.